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Divorce and the Family - Samples

Divorce and the Family Audiobook

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Divorce and the Family
How to Heal Your Heart and Protect Your Loved Ones

Chapter 1 - Introduction (excerpt)

"Divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass…"
- M.K. Blakely

Divorce is hard on every member of your family. Whether you are a husband, wife or child amidst a divorce, life can at times seem unbearable and heavy. This primer will help you cope with the emotional impact divorce has on families, and also provide you with tools you can use to navigate life with ease during and following your divorce.

M.K. Blakely had it right… Divorce CAN feel like a triple coronary bypass surgery… BUT you can recover, and preserve your joy, and that of your children.

You can even learn how to preserve a cooperative parenting relationship with your ex, even if you remarry and move on in many (though not all) cases.

This book focuses on many aspects of divorce, including the prevalence of divorce in many industrialized nations. Most importantly, this book will focus on family, and provide parents who have children some guidance so they can help their children feel united and strong despite the circumstances surrounding your relationship.

It is important for parents to remember that for many children, especially young children, divorce can be a confusing and very frightening time. Even older children often hold resentment and express confusion following a divorce. This is often the source of one or both parent's fears during divorce.

The good news is you can learn to literally navigate your way through divorce while minimizing the impact divorce has on your children.

You do not have to make divorce a problem. For some couples, divorce may be the only way to restore amicable relations amongst all members of the family, including you and your partner. In the interests of your children, this is better anyway.

Some couples find that with time they grow into new people, and that growth often stimulates the desire to explore intimacy with others or romantic relationships with others. For many other parents, divorce presents an opportunity to begin life new, get to know their true self a little better and because of this, become better parents.

Divorce and the Family Audiobook

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