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Online Copyright Handbook

Online Copyright Handbook

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Length : 1 hour 21mins approx.

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The Online Copyright Handbook
Includes Reference Transcript and 10 bonus reports on how to source public domain and royalty free works!



Copyright law is not a global constant. What may be prohibited in the Philippines may be the normal course of business in New Zealand. What Canadians see as a matter of absolute law may not seem to matter in, Peru. Every nation has its own approach.

That not only complicates developing an understanding of the issue. It also complicates construction of an ebook on the topic.

For the purposes of this book, we use U.S. law as "jumping off" point. U.S. law is not globally applicable, but it is more established than that of other nations. Additionally, most readers of this ebook are likely to either be U.S. residents or to do a significant percentage of their business with American interests.

This ebook is organized into three general sections. In the first section, we will address the nature of copyrights and differentiate it from the related concept of plagiarism. In the second section, we will focus upon how one can deal with episodes of online copyright infringement. This will involve a consideration of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and its use. The third section of the ebook will discuss means by which one can obtain quality materials for his or her websites without running afoul of copyright limitations and regulations.

We've also provided a series of Appendices offering valuable related information and forms that may be useful as you tackle online copyright issues online
Copyright matters aren't always clear. There isn't always a bright line distinction between what is "allowed" and what isn't. This ebook, however, should provide you with the tools necessary to stay on the right side of copyright regulations.

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