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Time Management for Work At Home Moms - Samples

Time Management for WAHMs Audiobook

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Time Management
for Work At Home Moms

(excerpt from 'Accept Assistance')


Accepting help is not accepting defeat. It doesn't make you any less of a good mom or efficient worker if you accept help from the people who offer it. Whether it is your husband offering to take the kids out on a Saturday so you can get some rest, or your mother swinging by your house a couple of times a week so you can catch a breather, these little breaks will help you become much more productive in the long run. Realize that breaks are mandated at work for people who work outside the home, and people who work at home should take breaks too. You simply cannot work the entire day through and expect that you will be able to keep up the pace indefinitely. You will soon find yourself burned out and exhausted if you keep up a frantic pace of not letting anyone help you out once in a while.

If they didn't want to help, they wouldn't ask. Helping people can make people feel like a more valuable member of society. When you decline a person's offer to assist you, you are essentially telling that person that you do not feel as though they are up to the task. In essence, you are insulting someone when you do not accept the help you need. Of course there are times when a person should not be taken up on a generous offer of help…if your scatterbrained aunt wants to take your rambunctious toddler to the mall you may have a valid concern that she may not be able to keep track of your child. Instead of proclaiming your aunt inept and refusing her generous offer, consider asking her if she would instead like to come over and play with your toddler while you get some work done. You might tell her that your toddler prefers to play at home instead of heading off to the mall, and you would really appreciate her coming over to help you out. This way you get the help you deserve and your aunt feels like she is doing something important.

Your kids' lives are enhanced by being with other people. Work-at-home moms often fall into the trap of thinking that they are the only person who can appropriately handle their children. It is no wonder that moms feel this way; there are so many horrifying news stories about babysitters abusing children that it makes any reasonable mom nervous about leaving kids with someone else. You can't shelter your children forever, however, and there are plenty of able babysitters out there who will enhance you kids' lives. Children learn something new from the different people they meet, so allowing various people to interact with your children will enhance their development. The trick is to find a few people who you trust with your children…and if you are simply too apprehensive about leaving your kids alone with other people then just ask people to come over and play with your kids there at your house while you work. That way you are close by in case the kids need you, but you also have a few blessed minutes when someone else is watching the kids. You'll find that you can get a lot more work done when you don't have to stop every two minutes to refill your child's sippie cup.

Be selective with who helps you with the kids. Let's face it: many work-at-home moms get so desperate for someone to watch their kids that they might start to allow just about anyone to come over and play with the kids. No matter how much work is piling up, and not matter how desperate you are to get some time to do your work, you still need to be as selective as ever regarding who watches your kids. As always, if someone seems just a bit too eager to watch your kids and you can't figure out why, then it may be best to politely decline. You don't want your lapse in judgment to result in someone who does not necessarily have the best of intentions watching your kids. Allow your motherly intuition to guide you, but also allow for a balance between that and common sense…not everyone is out to harm your kids, and some people just want to help, pure and simple. It's your job as a mom to figure out which camp each person belongs to.


Kids of almost any age can pitch in and help. Even young children can learn to help you in your daily responsibilities. Whether your kids take their own plates to the table for lunch, or if they help you to tear up and scribble all over paperwork which you no longer need, they are helping you get through your day a little faster. If your kids are engaged in activities which are helpful to you, you'll be able to get things done a little faster while your kids get a chance to feel as though they are being helpful. If you have never given your kids a real chance to help you out during the day then you should really give it a shot. You might be surprised at how eagerly your kids jump right in and help you. You never know…they may have been watching you all this time and wishing they could help you.

Kids who help early will continue to help. If your kids learn to help out around the house early on then it will simply be a regular part of their day. They will be more likely to continue to help you as they get older if it is something they have done for as long as they can remember. It may be a little frustrating in the beginning to not just simply do everything yourself since you can probably work a lot faster than your kids can, and since they need assistance while learning new tasks you will need to dedicate some time towards teaching them what to do. Although this can certainly be time-consuming in the beginning, it will save you a lot of time in the future. Since it's your job to bring up your kids to be self-sufficient and responsible, one of the ways you can ensure that they achieve this is by allowing them early on to assist around the house. This will make them feel like valuable members of the family, and will ensure that you are not spending a big chunk of your time during the day picking up after them.

Give your younger kids a mock desk to work at. To younger kids, you are the absolutely most fascinating person in the entire world. It makes sense, then, that young kids love to imitate what their parents are doing. Since you spend a good portion of your time at home with your kids, they see you work and want to do the same. You might consider getting a small version of your desk and setting it up close to your desk, complete with paper, crayons, and maybe a calculator or one of the laptop computer toys designed for young children. When you declare that it is time to get some work done, you may be delighted to find that your child races to his or her own desk to "work" alongside you. By doing this, you are not only allowing yourself some time to get some work done, but you also are teaching your child how to entertain himself or herself. A child who can keep themselves occupied is certainly a much easier child to deal with when working from home than a child who needs constant entertainment and interaction. Give your child a dedicated work space, just like you have, and be sure to take a picture to save for years down the road when you want to think back to when you and your child used to sit side-by-side working.
Yes, there are women who can do it all themselves. Single moms who work at home and who have no outside help are out there, but they are an exhausted group indeed. Don't hesitate to get the help you need, and you will find that your work productivity hits a whole new level. A great time management tip is that lessening your duties during the day will certainly enhance your ability to accomplish all your other obligations.

Work-At-Home Moms Time Management Audiobook

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